Geek Trivia League

Gather your fellowship and ride on down to the Level One where our Trivia Masters await to put your knowledge to the test!

Teams of 2 to 6 are welcome. Start time is 7 pm every Monday. 
The winning team for each week will have their tables bill paid for by Level One - up to $100!
Each month will have a local sponsor providing great prizes to be distributed in a draw. The more points your team has at the end of the month, the more likely you are to win prizes! The month of May 2018 is sponsored by us!
The team with the most points at the end of the month will have their team name placed above the fireplace for all the trivia folk to marvel at. Previous Month's Results.

July 2018 Standings 

This week the teams learned the true meaning of both love and life, that’s right: Shrek. From getting out of his swamp, to remembering that yes, Julie Andrews was in a Shrek film, the gang was intimately familiar with the onion-y ogre.
Place Team Name

Get Outta My Swamp

Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Total
1 The Bastard Scoundrels 36       36
2 5 Pool Rush 35       35
3 The Elf Spotting Society 34       34
4 Shaggy is Love, Stoner is Life 33       33
5 I Super Believe in You Tad Cooper! 32.5       32.5
6 Scary terry's Chocolate Orange 32       32
7 Mobile is the True Home of RTS 31.5       31.5
8 Give Ban 31.5       31.5
9 Bolivian Zebras 29       29
10 Shadow"Facts" 29       29
11 Hot Stuff Coming Through 26.5       26.5
12 Level Two 25       25
13 There Can Be Only One 24.5       24.5
14 You're a Quizzard, Harry! 22       22
15 C-Zeg         0
16 Worst Case Ontario         0